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Drawings - Acerte Sempre

Acerte Sempre (Make It Right Always) is the name of the informative bulletin with tips about the Portuguese language that circulated within the Record TV broadcasting station and for which my first wife was responsible. She asked me to make an illustration that could decorate the first edition of the bulletin, suggesting a little teacher that could resemble her person in some aspects. I attended to her request and came to like the drawing. From there on, I dedicated myself to make, freely and by own will, the illustrations for the subsequent editions in my free hours. The feedbacks I used to get were a massage in my ego.

Unfortunately, anxiety problems I had by the end of the same year made me opt for discontinuing the work. It took me too much time to draw and colour the illustrations and the deadlines were strict. I lament for not continuing, but my own pression in having the job done made the work too wearisome and I gave up, at last.

The Acerte Sempre illustrations were made between May through November 2003 and motivated the development of Pixel Pocketknife a lot. The drawings were made with mechanical pencil and roller ball pen. In Pixel Pocketknife page there is information about the unusual colouring procedure I employed.

This is the illustration that started the series and became the symbol of the bulletin.

Illustration for the edition about use of hyphen.

My favorite one! Illustration for the edition about cruel doubts. Notice the visas in the shield and in the sword grip.

"- I have been reading this publication and I will be taking more care about the way I am using to talk.
- Hmm... Gerundism..."

Illustration for the edition about the use of gerund (in Portuguese, there are many situations where the use of gerund is considered a bad habit). I prefered not to have added a speach to the teacher, but there was a suspicion that the small drop would probably not be undestood by the target public.

Illustration for the edition about punctuation.

"- So, do you concord (agree) with the subject (fellow)?
- S-Sure!"

Illustration for the edition about nominal concordance.

"- Come on, come on! Get back to your places!

Illustration for the edition about comma.

"- Ouch! Not again!..."

Illustration for the second edition about cruel doubts. I wanted so much to draw the same shield being seen from forward and got here the opportunity.

Illustration for the edition about regency.
Last drawing I made for Acerte Sempre, it did not get coloured.