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Drawings - Habilidades Auditivas

By the end of September 2007, the Editora Pró-Fono (Pró-Fono publishing company) asked me to elaborate the illustrations of the work Habilidades Auditivas e Consciência Fonológica: da teoria à prática (Auditory Abilities and Phonologic Consciousness: from theory to practice). I accepted the work, which was composed of 116 illustrations in gray scale distributed in 22 sheets and that approach many themes (facial expressions, animals, musical instruments, objects and others).

The production of these illustrations was somewhat marginalized, for it depended on time out of my job at Vivo and it happened in a period of time of revolution in my personal life. I finished the work only by the end of January 2008, in the intermission between my exit from Vivo and entrance into LG. The material was released by Pró-Fono in March 2009. The image to the side corresponds to the product picture available in Pró-Fono website.

The most curious fact about this work was that I did not have any contact with the authors until the day of the material release! My only directive to execute the work was an objective list of items to draw: "rain", "telephone", "flush", "car engine", etc. I made a couple of questions to the publishing company director and that was all. The decision of how each illustration should look like was taken by me and, for my happiness, was accepted by the publishing company without problems.

This was my first illustration work I was paid for!

The illustration copyrights are exclusive of Pró-Fono. So I put below only three of the drawings, with a resolution that is much lower than the one I delivered to the publishing company, with the sole purpose of divulging the work. I chose some of those that provided me more satisfaction and became very dear to me: the fairy (inspired by my wife, though she is far more beautiful than that), the couple of girlfriend and boyfriend and the robot.