Quindigo's site

Welcome to my personal web site!

I maintain this space to talk about me and stuffs of mine. It is some sort of business card mixed with curriculum and portfolio, an attempt to avoid me being invisible within the crowd and an invitation for opportunities.

All images in the site are authentic and a result of many hours of work. Talk to me if you feel like using them, Ok?

Finding me is easy.
    e-mail: contato@quindigo.eti.br
    Skype name: quindigo

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Drawings - Truco!
Illustrations for Truco! game
Quindigo, author of this site
Drawings - Projeto Terrinha
Illustrations for Projeto Terrinha
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Drawings - LíGia
LíGia, ad hoc character
Graduate course on Games
Works for Graduate course on Games
Drawings - Habilidades Auditivas
Illustrations for Habilidades Auditivas
Pixel Pocketknife
Pixel Pocketknife, versatile and free graphics editor
Drawings - Acerte Sempre
Illustrations for Acerte Sempre
QuindiGUI, graphic interface engine assay
Drawings - Caderno Ilustrado de Verbos
Illustrations for Caderno Ilustrado de Verbos
Todopano, confection of pedagogical materials in fabric
Drawings - Miscellany
Miscellany of drawings for varied contexts