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Drawings - LíGia

In January 2010, I and two LG work colleagues presented a training to our teams. The objective was to diffuse the knowledge we gathered in other training in South Korea, in December 2009. Our training in São Paulo was different from that of Korea, adapted to our local needs. We used part of the visual material of the first training and created other new ones. I tried to make my first presentation get more relaxed by using a female character created for that ocasion. Because this was about an LG internal work, the character was named LíGia.

The biggest fun of the illustrations appears when they are seen together with the presentation contents. But the subject of the presentation in question is confidential, so I will not explain the illustrations context. I can say that it was about an "autopsy", so that's why LíGia puts her gloves on in the first scene.

The elaboration of these drawings was an iniciative of mine, I did them out of working time. So I take the liberty of putting all of them here, reduced. They are simple drawings, just outlines made with mechanical pencil and pen. After being scanned, they were cleaned and coloured in the most simple way with PixPoc. I estimate to have spent about 12 hours of one weekend to do these illustrations.

This was the first time I used my illustrations to contribute with didactic material that does not belong to other people. I really enjoyed making the drawings; it was undoubtly the most provocative part of the presentation production. In these drawings, however, it was a little frustrating to see the character's body get hidden by the overcoat and the pants. The traces of almost all body outline had to be erased after the pen was passed over the clothes that cover the body and so the drawings "withered" somewhat. My consolation is to think that to draw a woman with short clothes to illustrate a subject related to software development would be as gross as to hire a sex appealing woman to record a beer commercial.