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Hi! My name is Rodrigo Antonio Quintano Neira. Quindigo is a shorthand for "Quintano Rodrigo" and a nickname I like very much.

In general, when I update this page in which I talk about myself, I write something rather heavy, somewhat pessimistic. I usually feel dissatisfied about myself, I think I exaggerate in what I demand from myself. Nevertheless, I have a little thread of hope that, if you read this page, or even better, know me personally, you may come to think I'm a nice person.

I learned how to program with a MSX computer when I was around 12 years old and graduated in Computer Science at IME-USP. I've been absurdly shy and isolated for a long period of time starting at my teenage, period in which I spent long times in front of the computer, playing and programming alone. As a free gift, I also had a sick perfectionism. I missed to develop many social skills that are natural of human beings. My area is that of accurate sciences, I'm very introspective and consider myself socially clumsy.

Until some time ago, I used to consider myself "a dot outside the curve", not better than other people, but different. I wanted that "different" to be somehow positive or interesting, but today I realize that it does not mean anything. To be different is not a differential. Looking closely, nobody is normal. I am a person like any other, paradoxically unique and important, equal and insignificant. I have personality, tastes, fears, desires, good and bad days, strength points and opportunities for improvement, all exclusively of my own - like everybody.

When I was 32 years old and began my relationship with the woman of my life, I became more aware of how enclosed and empty my life had been until then, of how limited were my world experiences, of how I let precious years go by without taking real advantage of them. I did not risk when I was young, I conformed myself with a mediocre comfort zone, gave priority to a shameless relative stability. I tolerated for some years unbearable situations in my first marriage, instead of devising something to change the scenario or breaking everything up right away. I worked several years without thinking about career and professional objectives. I got tattered excuses to have a limited life. I let fears and pessimism to make part of the routine. In other words, I feel I did not do things as I should and let time pass.

Good thing I got a pretty shake, I was needing it! Silvana was an injection of energy and joy in my life, a formidable agent of change!

Ok, so the picture changed a lot. So appeared a new difficulty: which way to go, given that the paradigms and directives I used to follow in order to rule my life stopped making much sense? Will I be able to make better decisions from now on? Unfortunatelly, it is not possible to fix the course of life overnight. I know I have to pay attention not to accomodate myself. I need to define where I want to get to and to make every and each day worthwhile.

It is in this moment that I am now, trying to define what I really want for me and searching for ways to reach it. For now, I am all muddled, with the unpleasant feeling of being always late in my own evolutionary scale. I still have much to learn, to grow and to experience.

Endure with happiness

The smiling moai that welcomes visitors in the starting page is a symbol, some kind of "amulet".

To spend the whole life planted in the same place without a roof to protect him from elements is wearing. Despite of this, this comrade takes advantage of the moments of sun and enjoys a landscape of mystic island. Accomplishing his noble purpose of protecting the natives from evil spirits and lightning bolts for years, imposing and persevering, the moai stands cool in the picture. Persistent and confident, he celebrates the good things and remains unshakeable in the face of difficulties.

I seek this firm stance that allows me to be happy, amid all the good and bad conditions inherent to being human. I do not seek a conformist stance. I am not planted in one same place and, unlike the moai, I can look for better conditions.

Here are some important things I learned and that I repeat to myself in order to incorporate them for real in my life. Of course, this is subjective, it may not make much sense for you or it may be not so important to you.

Each person is responsible for his/her happiness.
Only you have conditions of knowing exactly what do you like or where it hurts. Even if you are lucky to have by your side people that really wish you well, only you will be able to know yourself so intimately and to be by your side always in order to protect your true interests. It is up to you to conquest your happiness. Nobody will be able to do this for you, so it makes no sense and it is not fair to expect this from other people. You grew in a way you do not like? Your environment is not what you wanted? After you become aware of that, it is a problem only you can solve.

Everything has the good side and the bad side.
Keep your eyes open in order to identify the two sides of the coin. Do not ignore any of them, value the good side and do not see the bad side worse than it really is. Consider before making your choices, since you are the one responsible for them.

Only using the head and acting generates results.
It is useless to desperate, to dwell on anger, pity or regrets. This only makes the situation worse and may put you in a vicious circle. Exercise calmness, keep your head cold, decide what to do and move yourself. Mental discipline and objectiveness are precious qualities.

Do not wait idly by.
The world does not stop turning around in order to give you the time you need. Do not wait for the cosmos to signal the right time for you to act. Instead of that, give priority to what is really important and make your opportunity be possible.

He/she who seeks it finds it.
Finds everything: screw for the computer chassis, cover for his/her pan, car, apartment, spouse and even oneself. But nobody is saying this is easy. It is necessary to insist, and with will!

You are the size of your dreams.
These are the rewarding objectives, those that actually move us to other places and other conditions. Without dreams, we are carried away by the drift and life becomes a waste.
"Nice, so how exactly do I get an authentic dream?"
Good question! He/she who seeks it finds it. Only you can define your dreams.

Always make efforts to trust in yourself.
If you do not place your bets in yourself, how do you expect to become a better person or to help yourself when things go bad? Are you capable of loving someone inconditionally? Can you do that for yourself? You must be able to.

Feel well! Cheer yourself! Smile!
Pessimism, sadness and bad mood do not do any good to anybody: not to you, nor to he/she who is by your side. Changes of attitude that mean the exchange of anything negative for something positive, in any scale, are really powerful seeds.

Finally, some punctual statements to complete my profile:

  • I need time to do things. This is an endless fight.
  • I like to program, to draw, to play video game, to skate and to walk.
  • Female characters drive me crazy; bonus for those that are drawn and that pose.
  • I idolize my wife (although she does not pose); I owe her the best moments of my life.
  • I have a cupboard full with mangás I did not read yet. I love mangá, I have the collector syndrom and I do not get time to read them.
  • I have fun building avatars. ("Don't you tell me...")
  • I like to build wallpapers for the computer and the mobile phone.
  • I like good video game soundtracks.
  • I do not like beer, soccer, funk, brazilean country music and pagode.
  • I love coffee and chocolate.