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Drawings - Projeto Terrinha

The didactic material that the Terrinha school for children education began using in 2011 in its five first levels classes was made with exclusiveness by the fantastic pedagogue Silvana. All the contents were meticulously created, written and diagrammed by that competent professional. Regarding the images of the material, the proposal was to pick free images of public domain. This is where appeared an opportunity for me to freely contribute with some highlighted images (and several other little services of digital images treatment).

The whole material is composed by 20 pairs of activities books and their respective teacher's guides. In the guides, the iconography to the side was used to visualy highlight which contents and skills are handled in each activity. The pedagogue gave the ideas and directives, I made the icons.

Still with Silvana's ideas and directives, I drew the illustrations for the material covers relative to the first two months of the five levels (all of them are right ahead).

All the drawings were done with mechanical pencil and pen, digitized in black and white and then cleaned and colored with solid colors in Pixel Pocketknife. The illustration labels were built in PowerPoint, saved as WMF, rendered in CorelDraw! and saved as BMP. Finally, the labels were added to the drawings in Pixel Pocketknife.

The making of these illustrations took place from August 2010 through January 2011.